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Exciting announcement: I’ve created a Patreon community at Patreon.com/desertsirena! Join now to get videos, newsletters, digital downloads, my upcoming guidebook, prints and behind the scenes content for my writing, photography and trail design. For a limited time, you can get even your name listed in my upcoming book, Best Day Hikes on the Arizona National Scenic Trail!IMG_5580

Patreon is a monthly subscription-based site and I’m thrilled to create a community of folks who want to learn about and be inspired by the outdoors. Support from Patreon will allow me time to produce content, promote my current book and get started on the next one. And I’ve got a fantastic idea for my next book…

Each month, you’ll receive a newsletter exclusively for my Patreon community with information on what projects I’m working on and any events, podcasts or articles I’ve been featured in. I love sharing what I know about hiking, backpacking, the desert and how to get started in the outdoors. You’ll get an inside scoop on my trips, whether it’s packing for a weeklong backpack or just walking around and appreciating nature close to home.

For the first time, I’m providing a peek behind the scenes at my process for writing, photography, travel, and trail design and development. I look forward to sharing because I believe that people get inspired to do things they might have never thought possible by seeing how others do it.

Everyone who joins will receive a Sonoran Desert Wildflower Guide, discount codes for Gossamer Gear and Huppybar, and be entered in a raffle to win one of five Gossamer Gear Bumster fanny packs. Join at Patreon.com/desertsirena and share the link with your circles!

I’ll also be a part of a panel discussion with Joshua Tree National Park Association on Thursday, August 13th at 4pm PT called Why Leave No Trace? The link to join the event is https://www.joshuatree.org/live/ and here’s the overview:117715724_10108264644358287_130023841511872565_n

As our public lands and outdoor spaces gain increasing popularity, it is our responsibility as good guests and visitors to make sure these spaces can be enjoyed by future generations. Hence we are faced with the challenge of minimizing the impact of millions of us who are eager to explore the great outdoors.

When we talk about Leave No Trace (LNT), we talk about caring for the natural resources of the places we come in contact with through self-awareness. But, why should we Leave No Trace? Who practices these principles, and who is left out? Why is that?

In this panel and open discussion with live audience members, we intend to explore the big questions of WHY that surround each of the 7 Leave No Trace principles and the idea of Outdoor Ethics as a whole.

Hope you can join in! It will also be available after the event at this link. I also did an interview on Instagram with JTNPA to talk about my experiences with the outdoors, trail design and the upcoming book.


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