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Arizona Trail Trailhead by Jacob Lake

I got the most interesting call from Dave Hicks, the Executive Director of the Arizona Trail Association. He said that now that the trail is almost finished, that the one of the next priorities is to promote the trail and get the Gateway Communities along the trail involved. He said that the AZT really needs a Gateway Community Liaison dedicated to fostering relationships with the communities, and that he thought that I would be perfect for it. I agreed, but in my head I was thinking that my volunteering plate is pretty full at the moment. Then he said the magic words, “And I have a grant”.  So for the next year, I will have a new part-time job- doing presentations, promoting the trail and trying to gain support and trail stewards from the Gateway Communities. What a dream job! I get to promote the Arizona Trail and visit towns from Sierra Vista, Patagonia and Sonoita in the south, to Payson and Pine and Flagstaff, and as far north as Fredonia and Kanab, Utah. I get a per diem for food and lodging, but I have a feeling my bed will more often than not be a spot along the Arizona Trail instead of in some hotel. I am incredibly honored that Dave thought of me for the job and am really looking forward to getting people all over the state acquainted with this fantastic trail. Hiking the Arizona Trail changed my life in so many ways and here’s yet another one. Easily one of the best things I’ve ever done. Next week I’m on the road for my new job, traveling to Payson, Pine, Flagstaff, and the Arizona Trail Rendezvous at Mormon Lake. I can’t wait. If you’d like to learn more about the Gateway Communities, click this link: www.aztrail.org/ata_news/ATANewsWinter10.pdf

In Wildlife Rehabilitation Fundraiser news, here’s a juvenile Great Horned Owl trying to make itself big and tough-looking:

Fluffy Juvenile Great Horned Owl

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